Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Movie Fix 2.0

What Is Movie Fix 2.0 ?
Movie Fix 2.0 is a complete guide to fix ps3 error, when you've completed the payment you get instant access to download. Included are guides, downloadable software for both Mac and Windows users, step-by-step instructions and contact information to our support. As well as access to our membership-only site. The guides are divided into two groups, one for Mac users and one for Windows users. (Plus you'll get a free bonus, read more about it below!)

Movie Fix 2.0 work for both fat and slim Playstation 3 consoles, All versions - Old or new. Does not require specific firmware, Blu-Ray or Playstation 3 already has firmware respectively.

Movie Fix 2.0 is easy to understand because it is presented with step-by-step guide so that everyone can understand. Even if you've never installed a program in your life - you will understand the guidelines given. You also do not need a server, you can stream through a media server or just plug in the USB stick and play from there. Or even your hard drive. What is perfect for you!

What do you get out of Movie Fix 2.0?
  • You get rid of error messages while watching movies
  • Step-by-step guides with pictures
  • Software downloads included in the guide (Mac & PC)
  • A free bonus: How to solve the YLOD problem
  • Quality support
  • Free updates
  • Members-only website access
  • Money back guarantee
  • Once ordered, you get the product immediately!
FORMATS Supported:
  • DivX & Xvid
  • MP4, DV, FLV
  • WMV, AVI
  • Works on all PS3 consoles
  • No hacking
  • No jailbreaking
  • No illegal DRM disabling
  • Money back guarantee
What are you waiting? Get Your Movie Fix 2.0 today and Save $200 on Repair Costs, Save 6 Weeks of your precious time. Fix within the hour!, Get rid of all your errors now and forever!, No more Yellow/Red Light problems!